A small, boutique agency focused on high-quality content production and digital marketing, helping national brands in the motor niche tell their stories, reaching audiences that convert and matter to them.

Premium results without the high cost

What makes us different? Churning out mass content to hit the numbers is not our style. Operating on a smaller scale allows us to focus on quality, delivering premium results and achieving our goals on a national level while keeping costs down for better ROI for our clients, without compromises.

Strategically creating and promoting our content the right way will have the greatest reach and impact.

We can invest more love and attention into each project and campaign while eliminating any top-heavy processes by working lean; and we only partner with the best -- from credible, talented contributors for production to reputable third parties to facilitate larger digital ad campaigns.

...Will you find a swanky office with a pool table and French bulldog farting in the meeting room? No. You will, however, find premium content with your message delivered to an audience that matters backed by results, experience, service, and integrity to always do good work. 

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Traction Media is run by Amee Reehal, an award-winning motor & lifestyle photographer with a marketing background and over 15 years professional experience in the automotive editorial niche, shooting for respected brands like General Motors, with published work in various outlets including MotorTrend, Globe&Mail, SuperStreet, and others. His Boston Terrier farts up a storm, on the hour.