We believe today’s online consumer is smart and weary of being sold to. While sponsored content and native advertising have their place, our main goal is to produce sharable, authentic content that builds trust with our readers over the longer-term while delivering the brand message in a tone that won't pressure them.

Content Marketing: where the brand owns the media 

Content Marketing is a big component of our overall online and editorial strategy. While the term has gained popularity in recent years, the concept of creating content that builds trust and brand-awareness over the long term by providing relevant, useful information is nothing new.

We work with brands to help plan, produce, publish, and distribute content to achieve the goals in their sales funnel and overall marketing plan. 

A Credible, Authoritative Voice.

The 'build it and they will come' mantra may not always work when reaching a more premium audience of motor enthusiasts and potential customers who demand credibility and an authoritative voice, and rightfully so. We only work with a small group of established, accredited contributors - from writers to shooters to Influencers - to help drive your message home with a high dose of integrity. And in today's online world where everyone has a voice, credibility means everything. 

Sponsored-Content / Native Advertising: where transparency is key

Speaking to our readers opposed to selling to them is critical. When executed properly with transparency and full disclosure, working with only those brands relevant to the audience, providing useful, interesting branded content in a highly-targeted manner without impeding the user experience can be highly effective. 

We can develop a plan and produce content tied into a targeted campaign, distributed through TractionLife.com and our social media channels to ensure the branded content reaches the right audience.